Production Facilities

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With cutting edge facilities and dedicating man power, Meklon global base, is enjoying good reputation and exerting great influence on Chinese car coating industry.

Meklon sticks to the principle of every little drop is quality paint, so it manages every manufacturing process including raw materials purchasing to maintain a good stability of auto refinish.The raw materials from DUPONT, Bayer, BASF, Merck, Nuplex, Silberline, BYK, EFKA, DOW, TOYO, EASTMAN and DSM are carefully stored and conveyed through stainless steel tanks and pipes.

The manufacturing procedures of raw materials feeding, grinding, dispersing, color mixing and packaging are controled by computer in the automatic control center, which will eliminate the erros made by manual.

The raw materials are pumped to 4th floor, and then be transferred down to the 3rd floor which is in charge of high speed shearing, dispersing, fine grinding and color mixing by NETZSCH grinders and Jinjia Mixers. Then the semi-finished and finished products will be delivered down to hundreds of stainless steel tanks in the 2nd floor.Packing lines are in the 1st floor, where finished products packing and ready color mixing are happening every day.

Meklon products for 1026 distributors in China and 85 distributors abroad are packed and delivered from our six warehouses. And also, we have estbalished 6 logistic warehouse and branches in China and 3 repacking centers overseas. We are ready to cooperate with you.