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Meiliang Chemical develops and produces automotive paints, industrial paints, advertising paints, chassis paints and auxiliary materials. The company's well-known brands "FARALLI", "PORSHICHE", "CarCharm", "Meiguanda", and other high-end automotive paint products Since the mass production, it has quickly and successfully occupied the terminal market, forming an excellent reputation in the minds of customers.

In China, we have more than 1,000 dealers, which are exported to Southeast Asia, West Asia, Central Asia, North Asia, Africa, the Middle East and other 40 countries and regions. We have established good relationships with well-known car manufacturers, shipbuilders and machinery manufacturers. Business relationship.

Not only that, we are also the most professional supplier of car care products in China, such as power tools, pneumatic tools, polishing machines, dry grinders, spray guns, polishing waxes, friction rubbers, rubber primers, water-based chassis armor paints, tapes, masking films , Masking paper, wool pad, putty shovel, sandpaper block, spray booth filter, filter paper, sandpaper, polishing foam pad, sponge ball, plastic paint cup, sticky cloth, stirring lid, blender, scale, respirator, mask, stirring ruler And other accessories.

Meiliang continues to develop, integrate resources, improve services, and innovate the future, setting a precedent for auto parts procurement, providing customers with the only high-quality supplier in the industry that can diversify and one-stop procurement services. Actively respond to the “One Belt, One Road” international strategy, strive to implement the firm goal of “beautiful and bright in the world”, face new challenges, and keep up with their responsibilities, and believe that the future is an efficient and green world, and will work together with you We sincerely cooperate to create a "win-win" situation and build a beautiful "Chinese dream".